How do we determine the level of secondary school?

When the student enters the programme he/she will be tested in the following subjects:

  • Spelling
  • Comprehensive reading
  • Mathematics
  • Technical reading
  • Vocabulary

After we have determined the starting level we set an end goal. This goal depends on the achievements in the past, the working attitude and the personal history that we know about the child. We try to aim at a minimal jump of 1 ½ year progress within a year. The student will make every 10 weeks tests in the above subject this way we can all see (teacher, parent and student) what progress the students makes and if we have to adapt the programme.

During January/February the student will make an IQ test and the student will be tested in all the above subjects. Based on all the information collected the school will make an advice for the type of secondary school. This advice we will ofcourse share with the parents and the student. Together we come to a final decision.

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