What is the 8+ class?

The 8+ class is for students who benefit from an additional year with the focus on language before they will start at a secondary school. The students has to be 11,12 or 13 years of age.

Every student makes a the start of the 8+ class tests. The scores of these test determine the beginning level of the student. Based on this beginning level we make an individual programme for the student. Every 10 weeks the student will make another set of tests to see if we have to adjust the programme.

Marcus, 12 years old, lives since 3 years in the Netherlands. Marcus sits now in group 8 of a primary school. He works hard and speaks already quite a bit of dutch, but he doesn't know all the words that other 12 year olds know. Marcus has high scores for mathematics but finds comprehensive reading and spelling quite difficult. If we would only look at the mathematical score Marcus could go to HAVO level, but this is not possible because the comprehensive reading and spelling score are too low. He could start in august in the 8+ class and could work a year on his vocabulary and the language related subjects.


Below the calendar for schoolyear 2014-15

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